happy birthday lana nerd. i love you soooooo much and i hope you’ll have a wonderful birthday. you’re always so cute, kind, funny and a lovely girl when you’re not bullying me!. hime hime suki suki daisuki!!!!! xoxoxo

get to know me » favorite friendships [2/10]
↳ sawako, ayane and chizuru (kimi ni todoke)
"did you know? without realizing it … we were already friends!

Who do you think you’re up against? This squad is chosen by the Empire of Japan, our resolve is different from yours! We, the Yamainu, are the hounds that protect this nation. We cannot die until the Orochi disappears.

Soramaru and Chuutarou, you guys are the source of my strength! If I could laugh with the two of you…I feel like could do anything. Thank you, for being born as my brothers. I love you both. - Tenka

Donten ni Warau characters + Family and Clan symbols

get to know me » favorite non-human characters [1/10]
↳ dantalion (makai ouji)
"it’s always the same…every age, every generation. humans are infinitely more cruel and selfish than any demon in hell."